Who is Clubhouse Decking?

Clubhouse Decking is a brand of premium PVC decking materials owned and manufactured by TruNorth Composites Inc. We are located in Brantford, ON.


Why should I choose PVC decking over composite or wood decking?

Compared to composite, PVC is lighter weight and performs better overall.

Compared to wood, both PVC and composite are much lower-maintenance, easier to clean, much more resistant to mold and rotting, more environmentally-friendly, and block heat better.


Can I buy directly from Clubhouse Decking?

No, you must purchase through one of our partnered retailers, as we are just the manufacturer. Find local retailers here.


Can I clean Clubhouse Decking using a power wash?

Yes, you may use a power washer set no higher than 1100 PSI. Use a fan tip nozzle and spray in the direction of the grain pattern to avoid damage.


What kind of mat can I use on a Clubhouse deck?

We recommend using a mat that says that it is PVC-safe. Make sure it is breathable, and not made of rubber. Ensure that water does not get trapped between the rug and PVC decking, as this can cause discoloration.


Will the darker Clubhouse colors get a lot hotter than the lighter colors?

The darker colors will get a little bit hotter than the light colors, but it won’t make a notable difference. It also depends on the amount of shade there will be on the decking material. However, Clubhouse Decking will stay cooler than competing PVC brands, based on professional testing.


How does the scratch resistance of Clubhouse Decking compare to other deck boards?

Clubhouse PVC boards have a more durable and scratch resistant cap than most other deck boards since they are a proprietary blend of PVC.


Who builds Clubhouse decks?

If you have the skills and tools required, you can build a Clubhouse deck! You can also hire a contractor to build it for you. Check out our Where to Buy page to find contractors near you.